Hip Hop

Hip Hop develops coordination, strength of movements, endurance and precision. There is constant movement, across the floor, center, formations and body isolations. Hip-hop is a great way to learn a love of dance and aids in listening to the rhythm of music.


Modern is a contemporary form of dance that uses the body as means of communication through movement.


Ballet lays the foundation for all dance types. Students will learn proper technique, vocabulary, stage directions, barre work, center floor and progressions across the floor and correct terminology. Ballet teaches grace, poise, and discipline. Correct body alignment will be stressed in this class.

Lyrical Dance

Lyrical is a blend of ballet and jazz and is more expressive in nature. Students learn strength, flexibility, grace, technique and alignment necessary for leaps, turns and kicks. Lyrical class helps students learn emotion and fluid movement.


Tap is fun for all ages. It offers the quickest and most definite way of developing rhythm and eye-foot coordination. This form of dance teaches basic fundamental tap sounds and steps leading to advanced rhythms. Emphasis is placed on proper body placement, positioning, weight shifts, clarity of tap sound and rhythms and proper terminology.


Jazz teaches modern dance technique using basic fundamentals. It gives each student the opportunity for self expression and individual creativity through stylized movement to music. Proper technique for stretching and jazz combinations are taught to help prepare the student for all dance related activities and to help develop rhythm. We will master single pirouettes, jetes, chaines, and other elements. Levels are decided by instructor.

Competitive Teams

They will compete and perform throughout the year. A minimum of 3 years dance and performance experience is required. Selections are decided through instructor recommendation and must be approved through head instructor. Yearly auditions are held in the summer for new students.

Competitive dancers are required to study ballet, leaps and turns, jazz and attend weekly team rehearsals.

Creative Movement

This is a fun filled class for 2 year olds. Basic tumbling will be taught to help develop motor skills and balance. Rhythmic activities, dance, singing and stories to help develop longer attention spans will also be a part of this activity.


Teaches basic tumbling, gymnastic and cheerleading moves such as toe touches, strong hand and arm precision moves with basic jazz steps. It encourages the development of both fine and large muscle control and develops flexibility and muscular strength. Pom and jazz moves, as well as tumbling, are incorporated into the class. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels offered. Side, front aerials, back and front handsprings.

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