Our 2024 Recital

Passport to Paradise

May 19th 2:30 pm

1. What age is appropriate to start a preschool dance class?

Each child is different; the average age to begin a preschool dance class is 2 1/2. This is when children are most accepting to new things. Our preschool dance teacher has a degree on early childhood education and a background in dance. TNM Dance Centre has a progressive dance curriculum that changes every few weeks to introduce new movements, games, and songs.

2. What if my child will not go into the dance class without me?

This is a normal reaction for children of this age. Sometimes a new place and teacher can be scary for them. TNM Dance Centre asks that you encourage your preschooler to enter the classroom without you, explain you will be in the waiting room with the other parents if he/she needs you. Usually the biggest fear is that you will not be there when they come out of the dance class. We will invite you into the class, if needed, to help with the transition. After a few weeks they will realize this is a safe, fun place and will no longer need you to accompany them.

3. Why can’t the parents stay in the classroom during the lesson?

Children act differently when parents are in the room. A lot of times the child will not give an instructor their full attention when the parent is in the room. When they are asked to do something new, which may be difficult for them, they will cling to you rather then experience the new adventure. They will also look for, and react to, your approval. TNM Dance Centre wants to provide you with a nurturing atmosphere so that your child will get the most out of his or her class.

4. How will I know if my child is dancing?

The TNM Dance Centre staff is taught to communicate with the parents and share what is going on in the classroom. We offer parent observations throughout the year to show what they have been learning during class. The most important thing for your child to do is to have fun! If a child is enjoying themselves they will continue to dance for years to come. We take pride in our retention rate. Our Scholarship program acknowledges our high school graduating students for the amount of years they have danced with us with monetary rewards for their continuing education.